1653421_10152004323177898_495339579_nSara studies composition with Wolfgang von Schweinitz at the California Institute of the Arts in the Performer-Composer D.M.A. program. Her activity as a composer and performer is connected through artistic research, which focuses in the theory, performance and composition of microtonal music for strings. Through composition, she examines different approaches to notation and evaluates methods in the performance of microtones. Her work includes musical catalogues of chords in extended-Pythagorean intonation (the 53-tone scale), and meandering explorations of the sound continuum through slow glissandi colliding into (syntonic) Just Intonation harmonies. More recently, her compositions are accompanied by visual works (or her visual works accompanied by music), towards a more complete sensory and sensual experience of pitch, color and touch.
Her works have been premiered by the Ensemble@CalArts, ensemble x.y and the Euler Quartet. In the past, Sara had composition lessons at the Purcell School with Simon Speare.
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